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Today's Dilbert:
Google Search's 'udm=14' Trick Lets You Kill AI Search For Good
Countries Fail To Agree on Treaty To Prepare the World for the Next Pandemic
Another US State Repeals Law That Protected ISPs From Municipal Competition
After You Die, Your Steam Games Will Be Stuck in Legal Limbo
Apple Built a Tetris Clone For the iPod But Never Released It
Apple Explains Rare iOS 17.5 Bug That Resurfaced Deleted Photos
Writing a Unix clone in about a month
Bing went down, and lots of people discovered alternative search engines are whitelabel versions of Bing
Building a Psion/EPOC32 emulator
Google pays $60 million to tell users to eat glue
Cortile: auto-tiling manager that runs on top of your current window manager for X11
Microsoft Recall takes constant screenshots of everything you do
BBC News
Michael Gove steps down in mass exodus of MPs before election
Top UN court orders Israel to stop Rafah offensive
'I just want what the white people have' - what happened to Cynthia's dream in South Africa
Ex-Post Office boss accused of being in la-la land
MRKH: 'None of us are prepared for this diagnosis'
Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock dies at 53
SMH Headlines
Neighbour charged with assault as Sydney home goes up in flames
Rescue effort begins after Papua New Guinea landslide
United Nations orders halt of Israel's military offensive in Rafah
Benji takes blame for Tigers defeat
National weather forecast for Saturday May 25
Supersize Me star Morgan Spurlock dies at 53
The Onion
Biden Bounces Back In Polls As Americans Notice Netflix Added A Few Good Shows Recently
DOJ Sues Live Nation For Ticketmaster Monopoly
Report: School Shootings Either Way Down Or Too Depressing For Media To Cover
Mechanical-Armed Grimes Flees Elon Musk Compound With Five Wives In Stolen Cybertruck
FDA Recalls 50 Million Pounds Of Ground Meat Just To See What That Much Ground Meat Would Look Like In One Room
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